Geothermal Rising 2022 Strategic Plan

The 2022 Geothermal Rising Strategic Plan updates and replaces the previous Strategic Plan authorized by a Motion of the Board of Directors at the February, 2022, meeting. The plan provides a framework by which the staff of the Geothermal Rising, assisted by Association Headquarters, will execute operations, provide guidance on how the Geothermal Rising will be managed, and provides a vision for the future direction of the organization.
A PDF of the announcement letter can be downloaded in the upper right of this page.
Strategic Plan 2022

Elements of the Strategic Plan
● Vision = What we want for the world.
● Mission = How we will achieve our vision.
● Goals = Our general long-term aspirations for the organization.
● Objectives = How we will achieve our goals in the given time frame.

A brighter future for Earth and all its inhabitants, powered by the planet itself.

To connect the geothermal community and champion geothermal energy in the United States and
around the world.

● Broaden awareness of geothermal energy and its important role in the energy transformation.
● Build positive public sentiment towards geothermal energy as a clean, renewable, and
ubiquitous energy source.
● Empower the geothermal community to advance through, technological innovation, education
and collaboration with other sectors
● Expand the demand for and use of geothermal energy.

1. Raise Public Awareness of Geothermal Energy – increase the visibility of geothermal energy
through marketing and communications activities that inform and educate across a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies, and people.
2. Champion Innovation – serve as a platform for inspiring, encouraging and sharing new technologies that will accelerate the deployment of geothermal energy in an agnostic way.
3. Build an Enabling Environment for Geothermal Energy – work with government and regulatory agencies to incentivize demand and adoption of geothermal energy.
4. Expand GR’s Activities to Grow the Geothermal Industry – build a strong membership base of
individuals and corporations and arm them with the tools they need to engage outside the geothermal community.
5. Maintain Financial Sustainability – operate with a budget surplus through self-supporting activities.
6. Enhance Internal Processes – improve the professional quality of our products and services and integrate the functions of the GR team.