Board of Directors

The Geothermal Rising Board of Directors is comprised of thirteen voting members in 2024 with newly elected representatives serving in the Heat Pump, At-Large, Direct Use, and Academic seats.

Scientists project that the U.S. geothermal energy will contribute to 10% of the country’s energy by 2050.
Jericho Reyes
Calpine Corporation - The Geysers
Vice President
Jeanine Vany
Eavor Technologies Inc.
Executive Director
Bryant Jones
Geothermal Rising
Policy Seat
Sarah Jewett
Fervo Energy
At-Large Seat
Leland Davis
Geologica Geothermal Group
Government Seat
Elisabeth de Jong
GR Board -- Government Seat
Owner/Operator Seat
Nick Goodman
Cyrq Energy, Inc.
Heat Pump Seat
Cindy Demichel
Celsius Energy
Academic Seat
Nicole Lautze
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Developer Seat
Monte Morrison
Hot H2O Engineering
International Seat
Kennie Tsui
New Zealand Geothermal Association
Consultant Seat
Jaclyn Urbank
At Large Seat
Robin Zuza
Ormat Technologies, Inc.
Student Seat
Pooja Sheevam
University of Nevada, Reno