Regional Interest Groups (RIGs)

Want to connect with geothermal professionals and enthusiasts in your area? Join one of the GR Regional Interest Groups (RIGs) listed below. Or start a new one if you don't see your region on the list!
The Geysers Geothermal Complex in California is the largest geothermal installation in the world.
What are RIGs?

RIGs build and empower regional geothermal communities and the people who are scaling the geothermal industry. These communities seek to collaborate and empower the geothermal industry at local, state and regional levels.

Starting A New Rig

Don't see an appropriate RIG for your location? Any region can become a RIG if they have a champion and interest for a Geothermal Rising RIG in their area. We would suggest utilizing a nearby RIG if possible, however, if there is no nearby RIG and there is an interest, we would love to have you!

To inquire about creating a new RIG, please contact our Executive Director, Bryant Jones.

Support the RIGs through your Donations

Your tax-deductible gift can help to fund a family picnic outing, guest speaker series, webinar program, or geothermal networking event. You may donate to a specific RIG or support the whole program.

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