Congratulations to GR's 2024 New Board of Directors

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Geothermal Rising, the global nonprofit association that champions geothermal energy and those who make it possible, announces the results of the 2023 Board of Directors Election. Among the Board are ten women and five men that represent the most diversity of any board in the organization's history in terms of gender, racial, and industry diversity. We look forward to the new leadership and for each Director to bring their own unique skills and expertise to further strengthen the geothermal community.

The following new members have been elected to serve:

Jay Egg, President of Egg Geo, LLC, Direct Use Seat

Cindy Demichel, Ceo and Co-Founder of Celsius Energy, Heat Pump Seat

Robin Zuza, Director of Global Exploration at Ormat Technologies, Inc., At Large Seat

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season -- and we look forward to 2024 and the future of Geothermal Rising!

Headshot photo of GR Board Member Cindy Demichel
Cindy Demichel, CEO and Co-Founder of Celsius Energy

My strong belief that the know-how, technology and mindset of the energy industry are key to accelerate the energy transition has driven me to found Celsius Energy. The signature of my leadership is the relentless outreach to the entire ecosystem, from policymakers to end-users, bringing the awareness of geoenergy to the highest levels of society in France – and now applying the lessons learned worldwide, with our first large GSHP project under way in Massachusetts.”

“Celsius Energy’s team in the US is strongly linked to SLB’s roots as an energy technology company on one side, and to the wide ecosystem of the building heating and cooling industry on the other. If elected, I will bring these two facets to the GRC board: the strong support of a large industrial group, committed to scaling up all types of geothermal energy in America and beyond, and the enthusiasm and openness of an innovative startup with boots on the ground, where the end users are.”

Jay Egg Headshot Photo
Jay Egg, President of Egg Geo, LLC

“For 35 years, I’ve been engaged in the design and application of low-temperature geothermal heating and cooling systems. Serving on the Geothermal Rising board of directors for the last two years has been a remarkable opportunity to give back to the industry and to bring the industry together – from hot geothermal reservoirs to low temperature geothermal exchange. Our vision is for the public to see geothermal as the solution to providing baseload electricity, domestic hot water, & air conditioning and heating of their home and buildings.”

“My desire is to see the geothermal industry united into a cooperative of organizations that are united in the public message of geothermal as a solution to baseload electrical and thermal energy. I have provided years of service in writing building codes, as well as curriculum for the geothermal heat pump industry. Working with Geothermal Rising, we have developed the geothermal heat pump page on the Geothermal Rising website.  I will continue these efforts, using the opportunities and influence that come with being on the Board of Directors for Geothermal Rising toward integration the geothermal organization with Geothermal Rising, providing a unification of the geothermal industry.”

Headshot photo of GR Board Member Robin Zuza
Robin Zuza, Director of Global Exploration at Ormat Technologies, Inc.

“My passion lies in advancing geothermal energy through innovated exploration strategies, technical excellence, and pushing the limits of technology to increase geothermal developments globally. I work with Ormat Technologies, a leader in the industry, where I've witnessed the transformative power of innovation through partnerships with academic and government institutions. I am committed to fostering collaboration with industry partners, academic institution, government agencies, and external industries such as mining to elevate the geothermal sector. I believe we will accelerate geothermal and the positive impacts it brings by learning from each other and standing together.”

As a leader in one of the largest geothermal developers globally, I bring a track record of success in bringing online new megawatts and contributing to the growth in baseload renewable energy. My experience as an operator/developer working in multiple markets globally will enhance the board's ability to support the industry. I am honored at the prospect of helping Geothermal Rising grow and become more efficient and influential, both in conventional developments and emerging geothermal technologies.”