Geothermal Rising Elects the Most-Diverse Board in its 50-Year History

The new Board of Directors will leverage its diverse perspectives to further the organization’s mission to raise awareness of Earth’s most underutilized renewable energy source — the heat from within the planet itself, geothermal energy.

Geothermal Rising, the global nonprofit association that champions geothermal energy and those who make its use possible, announces the election results for its new Board of Directors. Among the Board are seven new Directors that represent the most diversity of any Board in the organization’s 50-year history in terms of gender, racial, and industry diversity.

The 2022 board exhibits the experience, talent and diversity that the board desired and the members chose. Welcome new board members. I'm excited for this board to further our organization's mission and sustainability through their leadership and perspectives. Geothermal Rising proved this year that we can adapt and respond. In 2022 we must return to improving our member services and planning strategically for our community’s future.
Jon Trujillo, President of the Board, Geothermal Rising
Who are the new members of the Geothermal Rising Board of Directors?

The new Directors include:

  • Elisabeth de Jong, California Energy Commission, Government Representative
  • Jay Egg, Egg Geo, LLC., At-Large Representative
  • Rita Esuru Okoroafor, Stanford University, At-Large Representative
  • Nick Goodman, Cyrq Energy, Inc., Owner/Operator Representative
  • Kennie Tsui, New Zealand Geothermal Association, International Representative
  • Jaclyn Urbank, POWER Engineers, Inc., Industry Consultant Representative
  • Jeanine Vany, Eavor Technologies Inc., Energy Advocate Representative
Graphic showing newly elected Geothermal Rising Board Members
How diverse is the new Geothermal Rising Board of Directors?

The election for the Board closed at the end of November 2021, and the new Directors were elected from a pool of talented and extraordinary candidates with broad representation across the geothermal industry and community. They join six continuing Directors to form the 2022 Geothermal Rising Board, which will see a female majority for the first time in its history with eight women presiding. The new Board also reflects a shift to greater industry diversity as the association becomes more focused on both heat and power utilization of Earth's energy, as well as executing on a strategic direction to represent all aspects of the community.

I'm excited to welcome and congratulate the latest Board Members of our association. As we enter 2022, we have a dynamic and progressive agenda that supports and encourages public awareness of geothermal energy, the scaling and innovation of our technologies to use Earth's heat anywhere as well as any time, and investment into the industry to help our entrepreneurs and corporations build out their projects.
Will Pettitt, Executive Director, Geothermal Rising