GR Colorado RIG Field Trip Through Colorado's Front Range

July 27, 2024
Golden/Idaho Springs, Colorado

We have completely booked this trip.

We are excited for the first ever Geothermal Rising Colorado RIG geothermal field trip through Colorado's Front Range, as we unravel the geological features that set up potential geothermal resources deep in the Denver Basin.

Photos to be posted soon!

This field trip delves into the heart of the earth's thermal energy, focusing on the Lyons Formation and Pre-Cambrian basement outcrops along the Front Range for their geothermal energy potential. The primary objective of this field trip is to explore the geologic nature associated with geothermal potential nestled within the Denver Basin and the Colorado Mineral Belt and to discuss the geothermal exploration potential of these two formations.

Our investigation into the Lyons Formation provides insights into its depositional history, lithology, mineralogy, and thermal conductivity, which are crucial factors in assessing its suitability for geothermal energy extraction. Additionally, we will discuss a core-based study in hydrothermal alterations within the Lyons Formation beneath Wattenberg Field, offering valuable clues to the geothermal reservoirs that lie deep in the basin. Venturing into the realm of the Pre-Cambrian basement, participants will visit ancient outcrops rich with hydrothermal alteration and structural influences. Through detailed observations and analysis, we aim to decipher the complex interplay of geological forces that have shaped these formations over millennia. Understanding these structural nuances is pivotal for understanding geothermal resources in Colorado. Additionally, these formations are associated with ongoing geothermal exploration projects deep within the Denver Basin.

The field trip will be guided by Dr. Steve Sonnenberg of Colorado School of Mines and Dr. Lew Kleinhans, Exploration Geologist. The field trip will start in Golden on the Colorado School of Mines campus on Saturday July 27th and end in Idaho Springs at Beau Jo's Pizza for lunch, with pizza and beer provided by the GR CO RIG!   Field trip details will be sent out to registrants before the event, along with a field guide to each of our stop locations.