Geothermal Rising's Full Steam Ahead Webcast Series: Digging into the Geothermal Liftoff Report

April 30, 2024 11:00AM Eastern

This webinar will provide a deep dive into the Department of Energy’s newly-published Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Next-Generation Geothermal Power report. The Pathways to Commercial Liftoff Reports are the product of comprehensive stakeholder engagement, combining system-level modeling with project-level financial analysis. These reports offer valuable insights, identifying key themes and interactions among various grid technologies. While they do not represent official DOE policy or strategic plans, they serve as crucial resources for decision-makers in the energy sector, investors, and a broader range of stakeholders. 

The crux of the Next-Generation Geothermal Power Liftoff is that Geothermal power technology has shown compelling advances that can enable it to become a key contributor to secure, domestic, decarbonized power generation for the U.S. as a source of clean firm power.  “Commercial liftoff”, or the point at which the technology can sustain itself without external support, can be reached as early as 2030 with 2 to 5 gigawatts of new power online in 5 to 10 unique geographies that have not yet been identified as geothermal resources.  In this webinar, the report’s lead authors, Dr. Charles Gertler and Dr. Mike O’Connor, will outline the support for this assessment, and outline the key partnerships, business models, and support mechanisms that could be leveraged to ensure Liftoff is achieved.  We look forward to your attendance!

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