Sage Geosystems to Build 'First of its Kind' Geothermal Energy Storage Project


Sage Geosystems recently announced plans to build EarthStore -- a 3MW geothermal facility in Texas. The project is designed to store electricity, using the Earth's heat to efficiently move water into and out of underground fractures to generate electricity. When electricity demand is low but renewable power is abundant, the project will use electricity from the grid to pump water into the reservoir. When demand is high, valves will open, allowing the pressure to push water up the well and drive a turbine.

The project has an estimated cost of $14 million, with construction expected to begin in the second quarter of this year. It is expected to provide electricity for 600 houses. Sage Geosystems will review the results after EarthStore has been operating for three months, and potentially scale the project up to 50 MW or more, depending on the results.

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