Thermal Energy Network Symposium

Don't miss our upcoming symposium on Thermal Energy Networks (TENs) to be held in Rochester, Minnesota, March 12-14!
Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota
Symposium Overview - Why Thermal Energy Networks?

Cities and municipalities nationwide are facing the same energy-driven issue: how to reduce costs and increase reliability, while reducing and/or eliminating carbon emissions. Thermal Energy Networks (TENs) have quickly emerged as a leading solution ushering in a new frontier of cutting-edge applications. It started in the northeast with systems designed and installed in New York State and Massachusetts, with many other examples throughout the United States. New York enacted the Thermal Energy Network and Jobs Act of 2022 which mandates utilities to implement Thermal Energy Networks. Many other states, such as Vermont, Colorado, Illinois, and Washington, and municipalities have similar legislation under development or have already passed similar legislation into law.

With such a huge inrush of need and the desire to install these infrastructure level projects at a utility scale, communities have questions: “How do we get in? Where do we start? What is the road map for successful implementation?”

We have the answers for you! At the Thermal Energy Network Symposium, government officials, city managers, legislators, developers, architects, and engineers will be in attendance in force. The purpose is to educate and collaborate with others about Thermal Energy Networks and the opportunities they provide to reach your communities’ renewable energy goals.

Participants will benefit from two days of insights, learnings, and information leaving them with a robust foundation on how to start their community or city on the path toward installation of these thermal energy networks. In addition, participants will have made valuable acquaintances and contacts that will help guide them along the way.

It is no small feat to tear up streets and install thermal pipelines that share energy between buildings; however, we now have the tools, the talent, the trades, and the engineering to do this at a time when geothermal solutions are more efficient and affordable than ever. All that is needed is for you to begin your journey by registering for the Thermal Energy Networks Symposium and be prepared to start your community on the path to energy independence.

Learn more about Rochester's TEN plans and the advantages of TENs!


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Who Should Attend?
  • City/County Commissioners
  • City/County Managers
  • City/County Planners
  • Commercial Developers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Geothermal Experts
  • Regulators
  • Renewable Energy Non-Profits
  • Residential Developers
  • Schools
  • Sustainability Stakeholders
  • Utility Companies
What are Thermal Energy Networks?

Thermal energy networks are utility scale infrastructure projects that use pipe loops to connect multiple buildings and provide heating and cooling through water-source heat pumps. The thermal energy in these loops can come from a variety of sources, including geothermal aquifers, boreholes, surface water, and waste water.

Read more about Thermal Energy Networks in this MIT Technology Review article.

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