Southwestern CO GR RIG In-Person/Hybrid Meeting and Geothermal Presentation

August 9, 2024
Durango, Colorado

On Friday, August 9th (5:30-8:30 pm) the CO GR RIG is organizing an in-person/hybrid event at Carver Brewing Company in Durango, Colorado, please join us!

At this meeting, our guest speaker will be Dr. Holly Brunkal, Lecturer in Engineering and Geology at Western Colorado University, on "Creating a Nexus for Geothermal in SW CO".  Dr. Brunkal is a senior lecturer with 11 years of teaching experience and is previously the Director of the Western – CU Boulder Partnership Program. She is actively involved with a proposed ‘energy learning center’ at the University to offer training and workshops on community geothermal utilization opportunities and workforce training in SW CO.

For those able to attend in-person, please stick around for happy hour and networking!

You can register for the event using the link below; This is limited to 40 attendees.

Register here

For those attending virtual here is the Zoom link please register for the Virtual portion of the meeting: