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GRC Workshop to Yellowstone: June 22-26, 2015

Photos from the Trip

This was an excellent opportunity to see this remarkable geothermal system with guides who are intimately familiar with the park and its features.


Note: Sunrise is 5:02 am and Sunset is 9:14 pm for the week:

  • Monday (lunch provided)
  • Tuesday (lunch provided)
    • Breakfast on own
    • Depart Holiday Inn, time set by leaders the night before.
    • Introduction to Yellowstone - history and biology, with emphasis on Park Service regulations.
    • Drive to Mt. Washburn for overview of canyon and caldera. Introduction to Yellowstone Caldera. Begin conversation about geology, seismicity, hydrothermal circulation systems and system preservation in a national park.
    • Stops along the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
    • Lunch provided in the field.
    • Stop at Mary Bay/Beach Springs for discussion of hydrothermal explosion craters.
    • Stop at Steamboat Point for discussion of Yellowstone Lake (elevation 7,795 feet) and its raised and underwater shorelines, as a result of caldera unrest.
    • Final stop will be at Mud Volcano area for a walk through a vapor dominated system.
    • Dinner on own in West Yellowstone.
  • Wednesday (lunch and dinner provided)
    • Breakfast on own
    • Depart Holiday Inn, time set by leaders the night before.
    • Spend the day in Upper, Midway and Lower Geyser Basins. Plan to see several of the major geysers erupt. Field discussions of hydrothermal geochemistry and subterranean plumbing, geyser systematics, relations of thermal and cold groundwater systems, geyser chronology, silica deposition and diagenesis, etc.
    • Group dinner at Old Faithful Inn.
  • Thursday (lunch provided)
  • Friday (lunch provided)
    • Breakfast on own
    • Depart Holiday Inn (check out of room), early time set by leaders the night before.
    • West Thumb Geyser Basin.
    • Drive to Salt lake City through Grand Teton National Park for geology of Tetons and Teton Fault, glacial history, etc.
    • Lunch provided in the field.
    • Dinner along the route or on your own in Salt Lake City.
    • Arrive at Salt Lake City in the general vicinity of 9:00 p.m. Due to travel options, road construction, time spent looking at thermal systems, time in the Tetons, and how long we stop in Jackson, our arrival time in Salt Lake City is highly uncertain. We cannot guarantee to make any particular flight time this evening. We will make drop-offs at local hotels.

Map of Raft River Area

Map of Yellowstone National Park

Full Size Map (PDF) (11.7 MB)

All registrants received a FREE copy of

"Yellowstone's Geysers - The Story Behind the Scenery - and other Hydrothermal features"

by Duncan Foley.

(48 pages, 68 color photos & 3 maps/diagrams)

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