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CAISO's DG Deliverability Market Notice

PG&E’s Energy Procurement group would like to inform you that the CAISO has issued a market notice alerting all distributed generation facilities that are interconnected or seeking interconnection to the distribution system to apply for deliverability status assignment by 5:00 p.m. (PST) June 14, 2013. If you have a generation facility already interconnected to PG&E’s distribution system or have an active interconnection request with PG&E, you should have already received an email from PG&E’s Electric Generation Interconnection (EGI) department.

Please note that the existing draft of the Joint Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff (ReMAT) feed-in tariff (FIT) program contains different Time of Delivery (TOD) payment allocation factors, contingent on whether a project is Energy-Only or has Full Capacity Deliverability status.  The IOUs have been ordered to file a revised PPA and tariff for ReMAT by June 24, 2013, to reflect the third and Final Decision (D.13-05-034), approving PPA and tariff terms applicable to the expanded FIT program, which was approved on May 23 and does not modify the TOD terms in the existing draft PPA.

CAISO Market Notice: http://www.caiso.com/Documents/DistributedGenerationFacilitiesDeliverabilityStatusAssignmentsApplicationProcess.htm

If you wish to apply, please contact David Corzilius (D5CT@pge.com) at PG&E’s EGI department.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit Request For Offers (GHG Offset Credit RFO)

PG&E’s 2013 GHG Offset Credit RFO webpage has been updated for the following item:

  • New questions added to the General Program Questions:
  • Offset Credit Offers #27-30
  • Other Questions #53-58

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is pleased to announce the issuance of our 2013 Intermediate-term Request for Offers (ITRFO).  The goal of this RFO is obtain Resource Adequacy ("RA") products from resources located in the CAISO control area in delivery periods between 2014 and 2017.  The RFO is targeted to address PG&E's need for System RA and Local RA for the Greater Bay Area. Copies of the ITRFO Protocol and related information and materials are now available on PG&E's website at http://www.pge.com/rfo.

For information or questions about PG&E's ITRFO, please e-mail ITRFO@pge.com.