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GRC Board of Directors - Nominees for 2020-2021 Term

The next election of the GRC Board of Directors will begin on November 1st.

Candidate Statements (PDF)........

Kelly Blake

Division Director of the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO)

The geothermal industry has been really great to me, and I strive to become a part of the GRC Board of Directors to help grow, steer, improve, inspire and educate all those who will listen and attempt to open the doors to those who may not.

Dave R. Boden

Truckee Meadows Community College

........ if re-elected, I plan to make this my last term as I believe new talent sustains vitality on GRC’s Board of Directors by providing fresh ideas and different perspectives. It’s been a privilege to serve you, and I hope I may do so for two more years. Thank you for your support.

Matthew Broaddus

Field Services Manager, Thermochem

I’m honored to have been nominated to run for a place on the GRC Board of Directors. I have always wanted to take a more active role in expanding awareness of geothermal energy, particularly among young professionals and those currently employed in other areas of the energy sector. If elected I will work to develop the GRC’s role in these areas.

Trenton Cladouhos

VP of Resource, Cyrq Energy

If elected, I look forward to bringing my industry and technology perspectives to the GRC board.

Neel L. Duncan, P.E.

Managing Director, New IPT Inc.

I am honored to have been nominated for the GRC board of directors. The mission of the GRC is to advance geothermal through robust research, knowledge and guidance and my role would be to help facilitate knowledge transfer from oil and gas drilling. The oil and gas industry has made tremendous technological advances in recent years to slash costs, so what have we learned that may be applicable to geothermal, recognizing that geothermal has unique challenges including extreme temperature and volcanic rock, but there has to be room from improvement through smart, facilitated knowledge transfer. I will bring my extensive experience in directing and managing organizations to help develop strategies for transforming both the GRC and the industry to increase geothermal deployment.

Richard Holt

Chief Reservoir Engineer and President of Geothermal Science, Inc

If elected, my priorities will be on supporting ways in which the GRC can assist the industry in expanding production and creating opportunities in the business of geothermal energy and serving the needs of our members.

Elisabeth de Jong

Program Administrator - Geothermal Grant and Loan Program, California Energy Commission

Elisabeth is passionate about supporting and promoting research and development of California’s vast geothermal resources. She values collaboration, transparency, diversity, and is a proud member of Women in Geothermal (WING).

Josh Nordquist

Manager of US Resource Operations, Ormat

I believe the GRC plays a crucial role in supporting the development of geothermal worldwide, and educating the world about the benefits and potential of geothermal energy. We (the current GRC Board) have made great strides to evolve the GRC organization with a view on long term sustainability and growth, and I seek to maintain this strategy as a board member.  As the needs of the geothermal industry change, I want to ensure that the GRC changes as well, in order to support the development of geothermal energy in the best way possible.

Dr. Azadeh Riahi

Senior Geomechanics Engineer at Itasca Consulting Group, Inc.

As a GRC board member, I vow to: increase GRC’s revenue by increasing membership, services and visibility through additional collaboration with other professional societies including ARMA, SPE, and SEG; define a roadmap, strategies, and actionable items focused on prompting the geothermal industry as a major player in the renewable energy sector; work with universities and educational institutions on incorporating geothermal as a course module in sub-surface engineering disciplines, establishing industry-funded graduate scholarships, and mentorship programs; and establish a closer collaboration between GRC and WING by developing joint strategies and defining measurable milestones focused on promoting women and other minorities in the industry.

Bill Rickard

President, Geothermal Resource Group, Inc

I feel strongly that since the Policy Committee is now an integral part of the GRC, we can speak with a unified voice on all issues that impact geothermal development and I would like help insure that this voice is effective in the US and the entire geothermal industry.

Ann Robertson-Tait

Senior Geologist and Business Development Manager, GeothermEx, Inc.

If re-elected to the GRC Board of Directors, I will focus on increasing geothermal deployment worldwide by: 1) raising awareness about the technical and social advantages of geothermal energy; and 2) developing and promoting creative solutions to increase participation in the GRC Annual Meeting and Expo. Serving as a GRC Board member is an excellent platform to realize these goals and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the global geothermal industry.

Lisa Safford-Kuscu

President, Blackrock Geoscience

I would be honored to serve on the GRC Board in achieving geothermal policy goals or in any other capacity in which my skill sets can be utilized.

Jeanine Vany

EVP / Geosciences, Eavor Technologies Inc

I am passionate about people, the intersection of business, geology and project development and in my spare time I volunteer at the CSPG and recently founded a geothermal division. Over the last 3 years as a GRC member I have witnessed a shift of focus from electricity projects in high enthalpy settings to also include direct use applications and the rebranding that accompanies such a transition.  I am very interested in working with the GRC to expand education and outreach and promote the scaling of geothermal energy through collaboration and partnerships.

Further promotions showcasing each candidate will be made available on the Global Geothermal News website and on the various GRC social media websites, starting November 1st.

The ballot voting period is from November 1st to 30th. You are encouraged to campaign for yourself during this time. The new elected board of directors will be announced in early December.