Board of Directors

The Geothermal Rising Board of Directors is comprised of thirteen voting members in 2022 with new representatives from Consultant, Energy-Advocate, Government, International, Owner/Operator, and At-Large seats.
The Geysers Geothermal Complex in California is the largest geothermal installation in the world.
Board Elections

Voting for the next Board of Directors is now open -- don't miss your opportunity to have your voice heard! Only current Geothermal Rising members are able to vote, so be sure your membership is up to date. Online voting will close on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

You will need your Member ID number in order to vote. If you need assistance obtaining your Member ID, please contact us at:

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Board of Directors
At Large Seat
Laure Mora
Consultant Seat
Jaclyn Urbank
POWER Engineers, Inc.
Utility Seat
Mark Gran
Energy Advocate Seat
Jeanine Vany
Eavor Technologies Inc.
Kelly Blake
United States Navy
International Seat
Kennie Tsui
New Zealand Geothermal Association
Government Seat
Elisabeth de Jong
GR Board -- Government Seat
Owner/Operator Seat
Nick Goodman
Cyrq Energy, Inc.
Academic Seat
Nicole Lautze
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Policy Committee Rep.
Sarah Jewett
Fervo Energy
Student Committee Representative
Moones Alamooti
University of North Dakota
Vice President
Jericho Reyes
Calpine Corporation - The Geysers