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Geothermal Energy Awards Announced

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), one of the world’s premier geothermal associations, has announced awards honoring the best and brightest of the global geothermal energy community. These prestigious awards have been a highlight of the geothermal calendar since the late 1970's. More Information.........

GRC Announces Scholarship Winners

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), a non-profit educational association dedicated to the promotion of geothermal energy and associated technologies around the world, is pleased to announce the recipients of six GRC Scholarship Awards. More Information..........

GRC Strategic Plan

From 2015 to 2016, the Board of Directors of the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), a 1,300 member strong organization, developed this Strategic Plan. This Plan improves the ability of the GRC Board and Staff to achieve the GRC's priorities through annual and longterm work plans and budgets. More Information........

Presentations From 2016 GRC Annual Meeting Now Available

A selection of presentations made at the 40th GRC Annual Meeting are now available:

From the Opening Session and International Luncheon/Session

From the Operations and Maintenance Workshop

Presentations From California Geothermal Forum

California Geothermal Forum - A Path to Increasing Geothermal Development in California

On October 20, 2016, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) organised a day-long meeting at the California Energy Commission (CEC), in Sacramento, California. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), CEC, and the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), the forum convened a diverse group of stakeholders from government, industry, and research to lay out solutions for new geothermal development statewide while remaining consistent with critical Federal and State conservation planning efforts, particularly at the Salton Sea in Southern California.

The GRC is proud to provide the presentations from the forum..........

Latest GRC News Releases

41st GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ Attracts International Geothermal Industry (PDF) (October 23)

Geothermal Energy Event Opens in Salt Lake City (PDF) (October 1)

Winners of the 2017 Geothermal Photo Contest Announced (PDF) (September 18)

Geothermal Energy Awards Announced (PDF) (September 11)

Utah to Host Ultimate Geothermal Energy Event in October (PDF) (August 28)

Early Bird Registration Deadline for GRC Annual Meeting is Next Week (PDF) (August 24)

Geothermal Resources Council Announces Scholarship Winners (PDF) (August 21)

Registration Opens for GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ (PDF) (July 3)

Registration Opens for Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting (PDF) (June 8)

Deadline Nears for Global Geothermal Awards (PDF) (June 5)

Workshops Announced for Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting (PDF) (May 17)

The Geothermal Resources Council Announces 2017 Amateur Photo Contest (PDF) (April 10)

The GRC Awards - Seeking the Best in Global Geothermal (PDF) (April 3)

Reserve Your Hotel Rooms for GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ (PDF) (February 27)

2017 Geothermal Resources Council Scholarships Announced (PDF) (February 6)

Geothermal Resources Council Welcomes New President (PDF) (January 25)

GRC 2017 Annual Meeting Announced - Call for Papers Issued (PDF) (January 19)

Geothermal Resources Council Announces New Board of Directors (PDF) (December 14)

U.S. State-by-State Guides to Geothermal Energy Potential

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), and Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) have released guidance for U.S. states on meeting new clean energy standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The free state-by-state guides walk through the benefits and uses of three major types of geothermal applications:

  • Power generation, Direct use, Heat pumps

More information.........

Contact the GRC

The GRC staff now has just the one email address each. We will no longer be using email addresses with the (at) domain. Please check your email client and make the appropriate changes. Note also the phone numbers with extensions if applicable.

  Estela M. Smith 530.758.2360 ext. 102
  Ian Crawford 530.758.2360 ext. 101
  Anh Lay 530.758.2360 ext. 100
  Chi-Meng Moua 530.758.2360 ext. 105
  Brian Schmidt 530.758.2360 ext. 104

GRC Transactions

More than 40,000 records in the GRC Geothermal Library are available for free.

However, the 2016 GRC Transactions are available for free download by members only:

Click here for a list of the articles. To download the 2016 Transactions or email citation lists, please sign in as a member in the upper right-hand corner of the GRC Geothermal Library website. Non-members can join the GRC or order individual articles.

All GRC PDFs from 2015 and earlier, plus several thousand additional non-GRC PDFs, are available for free download by everyone without signing in. 2013 GRC Transactions

The 2016 GRC Transactions were given free to all 3-day registrants at the 40th GRC Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California.

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Letter from Peru - a special report

Letter from Peru

[A special compilation of recent articles from the GRC Bulletin]
By Sue Hodgson

Focus on Chile - a special report

Focus on Chile

[A special compilation of recent articles from the GRC Bulletin]
By Sue Hodgson

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