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California Geothermal Forum
A Path to Increasing Geothermal Development in California

October 20, 2016

California Energy Commission, Sacramento, California

Sponsored by: DOE, CEC, and GRC
Organized by: NREL

Department of Energy California Energy Commission Geothermal Resources Council

Building on the successful announcements by the President at the 2016 Lake Tahoe Summit to catalyze collaboration and action between the State of California and the Federal Government for conservation and renewable energy development in the Salton Sea, the U.S. Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, and the Geothermal Resources Council convened a forum on October 20, 2016 in Sacramento, CA that focused on overcoming technical challenges to develop geothermal energy resources statewide.

Goal: The forum convened a diverse group of stakeholders from government, industry, and research to lay out solutions for new geothermal development statewide while remaining consistent with critical Federal and State conservation planning efforts, particularly at the Salton Sea.

Please contact Katherine Young (katherine.young@nrel.gov) with questions.



Topics and Speakers

Plenary Talks

Current Federal efforts related to renewable energy development and conservation in CA
Janice Schneider, Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management, The U.S. Department of the Interior; Christine Harada, Chief Federal Sustainability Officer, White House Council on Environmental Quality; Jerome Perez, California State Director, Bureau of Land Management

California Energy Commission Research and Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources Responsibilities
[Energy Commission Staff], CEC; Charlene Wardlow, Geothermal Program Manager, California Department of Conservation

Salton Sea Management Program and Geothermal Energy
Bruce Wilcox, Assistant Secretary Salton Sea policy, California Natural Resources Agency

CA Legislative Perspectives on Geothermal
Jay Dickenson, Chief Consultant, California State Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Communications

Foundation Perspectives on Geothermal
Morgan Snyder, Program Officer, The Walton Family Foundation

CA geothermal systems: lessons learned

Salton Sea KGRA
Randy Keller, Director of Development, Transmission, and Land Assets, CalEnergy

Andrew Sabin, Geothermal Subject Matter Expert, Navy Geothermal Program Office

Past and Future Partnerships with DOE and CEC at the Geysers
Jim Kluesener, Regional Vice President, Calpine

Designing Projects to Address Technical Challenges

Military Mission Compatibility Perspective & Report Out of 30 AUG, 2016 Agency/Industry Forum
Steve Chung, Encroachment Program Director, NRSW Regional CPLO

Demonstrating Advanced Drilling Technology in the Chocolate Mountains, CA - Part A - Part B - David Raymond, Mechanical Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories

Cements for Geothermal Wells
Tatiana Pyatina, Materials Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Power Plants
Derek Benson, Vice President, Business Development, EnergySource

Geothermal and Hybrid Systems
Josh Nordquist, Director, Business Development, Ormat

Additional Revenue Streams from Geothermal

Mineral Recovery from Geothermal Brines
Anna Wall, Energy Technologies Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Biotechnology Development for Rare Earth Extraction from Geothermal Brines
Yongqin Jiao, Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Engineering Thermophilic Microorganisms for Mineral Recovery
Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Opportunities for Water Desalination using Geothermal Heat
Craig Turchi, Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory