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Employment Opportunities

Mineral Resources Inspector II – Exam Announcement

California State Lands Commission

Final filing date - October 26, 2017

Mineral Resources Inspectors monitor and inspect the drilling, production, safety, and pollution control operations of lessees of the State in order to ensure that lease provisions as well as State and Federal regulations are adhered to; inspect Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) meters and other measuring devices to ensure their accuracy and reliability; collect and conduct laboratory analysis on oil and gas samples; witness well testing operations; compute and verify drilling, production, and/or electrical generation data used in oil, gas, other hydrocarbons, and geothermal royalty calculations; maintain files and records of inspections and repairs; and investigate and report on pollution incidents and perform other difficult inspections in regard to oil, gas, other hydrocarbons, and geothermal operations.

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Geologist II - Geothermal (SR-28)

Oahu, Hawaii - $5,911 to $8,750 per month

This position is located in the Department of Land and Natural ResourcesEngineering Division and serves as head of the Mineral Resources Section.

The position is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating activities for the regulation of geothermal activities related to the exploration and development of geothermal resources, including resources assessment and protection, and environmental monitoring.

The duties and responsibilities of this position include coordinating the development and implementation of plans for maintenance and disposition of state-owned or state operated geothermal wells and/or mining leases, including assessment of potential public health and safety impacts; the review of applications for geothermal well construction and mining leases; the compliance reviews of geothermal resource mining leases; and the regulatory oversight of existing geothermal operations and associated activities; and performs other related duties as assigned.

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Controls Technician

Northern California Power Agency, Middletown, California, USA

Under general supervision of the Mechanical Supervisor and at times under the general direction of the Mechanic Operator I Technician Operator Lead Person; to maintain, test, install and repair electrical equipment, control system and instrument systems and accurately and reliably maintain these assets in a geothermal power generating facility. The measure of accuracy and reliability is the safe, effective and efficient performance of the Facility.

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Associate Oil and Gas Engineer

Department of Conservation, The State of California, California, USA

Under the direction of the Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Supervisor), theAssociate Oil and Gas Engineer (AOGE) will independently perform difficult engineering work related to geothermal production and underground injection in the Northern District office..

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Research Scientist, Geoscience Data Manager

Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology at the University of Nevada, Reno

The position will be responsible for collecting, compiling, cataloguing, maintaining and publicly-disseminating information related to Nevada’s geothermal resources, including geotechnical reports, well datasets, geological, geophysical and hydrological data, and core samples from geothermal drilling in Nevada.

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Project Manager

GreenFire Energy’s Geothermal Demonstration Project at Coso KGRA, California, USA

GreenFire Energy is looking for a Project Manager for it's forthcoming Geothermal Demonstration Project at Coso Known Geothermal Resource Area.

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Plant Operator I - Ormat

Heber, Imperial County, California, USA

The primary responsibility of a Plant Operator is to ensure that the operation of the power plant is safely and efficiently carried out in accordance with plant safety procedures and standard operating procedures. (REQ1428)

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