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GRC BulletinNovember/December 2017 Bulletin

Geothermal energy news from around the world - since 1972

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The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) Bulletin is a periodic publication (6 issues per year) that reaches the association’s worldwide membership and paid subscribers.

The GRC Bulletin provides a technology and issues forum for professionals involved in geothermal resource research, exploration, development and utilization. The GRC Bulletin also provides news and information that highlights the environmental and economic benefits of geothermal resource development.

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Into the Digital Era

After 45 years of printed publication the voice of the Geothermal Resources Council - the GRC Bulletin - has transitioned to the newest technology.

As of the January/February 2018 issue, the magazine is only available as a PDF file online.

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GRC Bulletin Articles

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May/June 2019 Bulletin

Geo-Drill: A Holistic Drilling Technology For Geothermal Systems

[May/June 2019 Bulletin]
by Geo-Drill Consortium

S4CE: Science for Clean Energy project seeks to develop a scientific workflow for informing policy makers and the wide public

[May/June 2019 Bulletin]
by TWI Ltd.

May/June 2019 Bulletin

Geothermal Energy in Mining – A Renewable and Reliable Energy Solution

[May/June 2019 Bulletin]
by Kyle Boynton et al.

March/April 2019 Bulletin

FORGE Ahead - Roadmap Released for DOE’s Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy

[March/April 2019 Bulletin]
by Alexis M.W. McKittrick, Ph.D., IDA Science & Technology Policy Institute

March/April 2019 Bulletin

GeoCoat – High Performance Coatings For Aggressive Geothermal Environments

[March/April 2019 Bulletin]
by Geo-Coat consortium

January/February 2019 Bulletin

GRC Annual Meeting & Expo 2018
A Review - Part Two

[January/February 2019 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

November/December 2018 Bulletin

GRC Annual Meeting & Expo 2018
A Review - Part One

[November/December 2018 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

September/October 2018 Bulletin

Searching for Blind Geothermal Utilizing Play Fairway Analysis, Western Nevada

[September/October 2018 Bulletin]
by James E. Faulds, et al

July/August 2018 Bulletin

Lava Eruption Disrupts the Puna Geothermal Venture - The Background

[July/August 2018 Bulletin]
by members of the GRC student committee: Michael Mathioudakis, Molly Johnson, Katie Huang, Jon Golla, and Theo Renaud

May/June 2018 Bulletin

The UND-CLR Binary Geothermal Power Plant

[May/June 2018 Bulletin]
by Will Gosnold, Michael Mann, and Hossein Salehfar

March/April 2018 Bulletin

Adventures Within the Geothermal Community - A Q&A with Cary Lindsey

[March/April 2018 Bulletin]
by members of the GRC student committee: Jon Golla (University of New Mexico, USA), Kevin Fan (University of British Columbia, Canada), & Racine Basant (University of West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago)

January/February 2018

January/February 2018 - The Complete Issue!

The first of a new era! After 45 years of print publication the GRC Bulletin has transitioned to the latest technology. The GRC has provided this landmark issue for free, however, future issues will be available to GRC Members only. To make sure of your copy going forward join the GRC.

November/December 2017 Bulletin

Alfredo Mainieri Protti Geothermal Field - Formerly Miravalles

[November/December 2017 Bulletin]
by Susan Fox Hodgson

September/October 2017 Bulletin

Inside Geothermal - News on geothermal energy developments from North America, Central & South America, Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, Education, Technology, Climate Change.

[September/October 2017 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

July/August 2017 Bulletin

The Shrinking Salton Sea and its Impact on Geothermal Development

[July/August 2017 Bulletin]
by Ronald DiPippo and Marcelo Lippmann

May/June 2017 Bulletin

Electricity generation in Central America: Some relevant comments on the importance of renewables, including geothermal

[May/June 2017 Bulletin]
by Marcelo J. Lippmann and Ronald DiPippo

May/June 2017 Bulletin

Yellowstone - A Geothermal Wonderland

[May/June 2017 Bulletin]
A GRC Fieldtrip led by Duncan Foley and Roy Mink

The Iceland Deep Drilling Project geothermal well at Reykjanes successfully reaches its supercritical target

The Iceland Deep Drilling Project geothermal well at Reykjanes successfully reaches its supercritical target

[March/April 2017 Bulletin]
by Guðmundur Ó. Friðleifsson and Wilfred A. Elders

Jan/Feb 2017 Bulletin

40th GRC Annual Meeting, Part Two

[Jan/Feb 2017 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

Nov/Dec 2016 Bulletin

40th GRC Annual Meeting, Part One - The Opening Session

[Nov/Dec 2016 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

Sept/Oct 2016 Bulletin

Investigating Flexible Generation at The Geysers

[Sept/Oct 2016 Bulletin]
by Karl Urbank and Alyce Jorgensen, Calpine Corporation

July/August 2016 Bulletin

Community Choice Aggregation in California - An Opportunity for the Geothermal Industry

[July/August 2016 Bulletin]
by Paul Brophy, President, Geothermal Resources Council, and Vice-Chair, Business Operations Committee, Sonoma Clean Power

The First Geothermal Power Plant in North Dakota

[May/June 2016 Bulletin]
by James “Josh” Crowell and Daniel “Burke” Brunson, Harold Hamm School of Geology and Geological Engineering, University of North Dakota

Warm Beneath the Wind, Geothermal Holland

Warm Beneath the Wind, Geothermal Holland

[March/April 2016 Bulletin]
by Susan Fox Hodgson

January/February 2016 Bulletin

GRC Fieldtrip to McGinness Hills Geothermal Plant

[January/February 2016 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

GRC Bulletin - A Complete Issue

[November/December 2015 Bulletin]

Peppermill’s Geothermal Green Initiative is a Winner

[Sept/Oct 2015 Bulletin]
by Dean Parker, Peppermill Executive Facilities Director, and
Alan Baily, Geothermal Resource Group, Inc.

Yellowstone – A Geothermal Wonderland

[July/August 2015 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

Inside Geothermal - Report from the World Geothermal Congress 2015

[May/June 2015 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

A Brief History of the Sarulla Geothermal Field Development

[March/April 2015 Bulletin]
by Novi Ganefianto, Paul von Hirtz, Elisabeth Easley

38th GRC Annual Meeting, Part Two - The Awards

[January/February 2015 Bulletin]]
by Ian Crawford

38th GRC Annual Meeting, Part One - The Opening Session and Annual Charity Golf Tournament

[November/December 2014 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford and Patrick Hanson

Finding the Hot Stuff in Oregon
The Geothermal Discovery Well Drilled by Davenport Resources on the Flank of Newberry Volcano

[September/October 2014 Bulletin]
by Al Waibel

Geothermal Oregon 101-Myths, Hot Springs, Geology, Projects

[July/August 2014 Bulletin]
by Susan Fox Hodgson

From the Salton Sea to Sacramento – On the Trail of a Geothermal Gold Rush in California

[May/June 2014 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

A Proposal to Develop Ultra High-enthalpy Geothermal Systems in the USA

[March/April 2014 Bulletin]
by Wilfred A. Elders

37th GRC Annual Meeting: Part Two

[January/February 2014 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

GRC Bulletin November/December

37th GRC Annual Meeting: Part One

[November/December 2013 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford, et al

Larderello to Las Vegas: 1818, 1944, 2013

[September/October 2013 Bulletin]
by Susan Fox Hodgson

Another Successful GRC Workshop and Field Trip

[July/August 2013 Bulletin]
by Ian Crawford

Focus on Chile

[A special compilation of recent articles from the GRC Bulletin]
By Sue Hodgson

Training and Research at the Andean Geothermal Centre of Excellence (CEGA)

[May/June 2013 Bulletin]
By Dr. Diego Morata

GRC Finds Their Passports - GRC Presents a Workshop in Java, Indonesia

[March/April 2013 Bulletin]
By Steve Ponder

36th GRC Annual Meeting: Part Two

[January/February 2013 Bulletin]
By Ian Crawford

36th GRC Annual Meeting: Part One

[November/December 2012 Bulletin]
By Ian Crawford

Spotting Thermal Anomalies from Space

[September/October 2012 Bulletin]
By Ian Crawford

Geothermal Energy in Central America: A New Frontier

[July/August 2012 Bulletin]
by Aisha Espey, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Recent Exploration Activity in Nevada-Spring 2012

[May/June 2012 Bulletin]
by Lisa Shevenell and Richard Zehner

Seismology: A Project, An Organization -
The Salton Seismic Imaging Project

[March/April 2012 Bulletin]
By Susan Fox Hodgson

35th GRC Annual Meeting, Part Two
Awards and Field Trips

[January/February 2012 Bulletin]
By Ian Crawford & Susan Hodgson

Opening Session, 35th GRC Annual Meeting
“Geothermal: Sustainable, Green Energy”

[November/December 2011 Bulletin]
By Ian Crawford

"We Speak, Eat, and Breathe Geothermal"
The National Geothermal Academy in Reno

[September/October 2011 Bulletin]
By Susan Fox Hodgson

The Joseph W. Aidlin Memorial Park

[July/August 2011 Bulletin]
By Susan Fox Hodgson

The Hudson Ranch I Geothermal Project

[May/June 2011 Bulletin]
By Larry Grogan, Senior Vice President Resource and Development, EnergySource LLC

US Trade Development Agency Fosters Latin America and Caribbean Geothermal Relations

[March/April 2011 Bulletin]
By John Galbraith

Remembering-B.C. McCabe and Ben Holt

[January/February 2011 Bulletin]
By Susan Fox Hodgson

GRC Recognizes Presentation, Poster and Photography Excellence

[November/December 2010 Bulletin]
By John Galbraith

Highlights of the 34th GRC Annual Meeting

[September/October 2010 Bulletin]
By John Galbraith

EGS in Australia

[July/August 2010 Bulletin]
By Malcolm Ward

Calpine and The Geysers

[May/June 2010 Bulletin]
By John Galbraith

Environmental and Socio-Economic Issues of Geothermal Development in Kenya

[March/April 2010 Bulletin]
By Martin N. Mwangi, GeoSteam Services Ltd.
Edited by Susan Fox Hodgson

Environment Matters, Geothermal in Costa Rica

[January/February 2010 Bulletin]
By Susan Fox Hodgson

Coso Geothermal Field: 15 Years of Successful Abatement

[November/December 2009 Bulletin]
By Gary J. Nagl, Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC

Q&A with GRC President Frank Monastero

[September/October 2009 Bulletin]
By John Galbraith

Iceland Deep Drilling Project Finds Magma

[July/August 2009 Bulletin]
By Wilfred A. Elders, Professor Emertius of Geology, Department of Earth Science, University of California, Riverside and Guomundur Omar Frioleifsson, HS Orka hf

Recovery Act Funding for Geothermal Techologies

[May/June 2009 Bulletin]
By Ed Wall, Manager, Geothermal Technologies Program, US Department of Energy

The GRC Advantage - Membership for Success

[March/April 2009 Bulletin]
By John Galbraith

World Geothermal Power Generation 2001-2005

[May/June 2006 Bulletin]
By Ruggero Bertani – Enel, Generation and Energy Management –
Renewable Energy – Geothermal Production

Breathing New Life Into Bottle Rock

[November/December 2005 Bulletin]
US Renewables Group, LLC Intends to Re-Power the Bottle Rock Geothermal Power Plant at The Geysers

Geothermal Energy from the Cascades

[November/December 2005 Bulletin]
By John W. Hook, Registered Professional Geologist

One-Stop Shop

[July/August 2005 Bulletin]
The Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy Offers Solutions for All of Your Exploration, Leasing, and Assessment Needs
By Lisa Shevenell, Director, Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy – UNR

Colorful Geothermal Energy Uses Poster Available

[July/August 2005 Bulletin]
Geothermal Education Office Offers New, Free Publication

Clearing the Air

[May/June 2005 Bulletin]
Air Emissions from Geothermal Electric Power Facilities Compared to Fossil-Fuel Power Plants in the United States

Heat Source

[May/June 2005 Bulletin]
Recent U.S. Geological Survey Compilations of Regional Temperature and Heat-Flow Data from the U.S. Great Basin

Pyramid Lake Geothermal

[March/ April 2005 Bulletin]
Native American Tribe Seeks Development Potential at the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation in Nevada
By Ted J. Clutter – GRC Executive Director

Geothermal Inventory

[November/December 2004 Bulletin]
A New Study Highlights Geothermal Resources Available for Development in California and Nevada
By Jim Lovekin – Manager of Field Operations, GeothermEx, Inc.

NCPA at the Geysers

[July/August 2004 Bulletin]
Northern California Power Agency Benefits the Public and Its Member/Owners with Reliable, Renewable Geothermal Power
By Murray Grande – NCPA Acting Assistant General Manager for Generation Services; and NCPA Geothermal Staff– Steve Enedy, Bill Smith, John Counsil, and Steve Jones

A First for Canada?

[July/ August 2004 Bulletin]
Work Underway To Confirm the Potential for a Geothermal Power Plant in British Columbia

Lake County Success

[May/June 2004 Bulletin]
Generating Environmental Gains With Geothermal Power
By Mark Dellinger, Administrator, Lake County (CA) Sanitation District, and Eliot Allen, Principal, Criterion/Planners Engineers (Portland, OR)

Geothermal Japan

[March/April 2004 Bulletin]
History and Status of Geothermal Power Development and Production
By Seiki Kawazoe – Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Society (TEMPES), and Jim Combs – Geo Hills Associates (Reno, NV)

GeoPowering the West

[March/April 2004 Bulletin]
Getting Organized in the Public Sector to Promote U.S. Geothermal Development
By Roger Hill, GeoPowering the West Technical Director Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM)

Upgrading Ormesa

[March/April 2004 Bulletin]
ORMAT Nevada, Inc. Expansion and Improvements Raise Power Production 20%
By Don Campbell, Daniel N. Schochet and Zvi Krieger

Recharging the Geysers

[November/December 2003 Bulletin]
Calpine Corp. and Santa Rosa Celebrate Completion of the World's Largest Wastewater-to-Energy Project

An Unfinished Journey

[September/October 2003 Bulletin]
30 Years of Geothermal-Electric Generation in Mexico
by José Luis Quijano-León and Luis C.A. Gutiérrez-Negrín, Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Morelia, México

Los Azufres II

[September/October 2003 Bulletin]
A New 100-MW Geothermal Power Project Starts Operations Near Morelia, Michoacán in Central Mexico
by Dr. Gerardo Hiriart – Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Mexico City, Mexico

Pioneering Past

[September/October 2003 Bulletin]
Geothermal Development in Mexico Highlighted in Rarely Seen Photographs
Introduction and Captions by José Luis Quijano-León, Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Morelia, México

Geothermal Nicaragua

[July/August 2003 Bulletin]
by Ariel Zúñiga, Instituto Nicaragüense de Energía

Geothermal El Salvador

[July/August 2003 Bulletin]
by José Antonio Rodriguez and Ada Herrera, Geotérmica Salvadoreña, S.A. de C.V.

Costa Rica

[July/August 2003 Bulletin]
Geothermal Update
by Dr. Alfredo Mainieri Protti, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

Geothermal Guatemala

[May/June 2003 Bulletin]
Past, Present and Future Development of Geothermal Energy in Guatemala
by Enrique M. Lima Lobato (West Japan Engineering Consultants, Inc., Japan); with Julio Palma and Alfredo René Roldán Manzo (Empresa de Generación de Energia Eléctrica, INDE, Guatemala)

Geothermal Energy Reduces Greenhouse Gases

[March/April 2003 Bulletin]
CO2 Emissions from Geothermal Energy Facilities are Insignificant Compared to Power Plants Burning Fossil Fuels
by K. Kit Bloomfield (INEEL), Joseph N. Moore (EGI), and Robert M. Neilson, Jr. (INEEL)

Magic at Maguarichic

[March /April 2003 Bulletin]
New CFE Geothermal Village Power Plant in Mexico Bestows Local Residents with Prosperity—and Children With Ice Cream
by Raúl Sánchez-Velasco, Moisés López-Díaz, Héctor Mendoza and Raúl Tello-Hinojosa – Comisión Federal de Electricidad (Morelia, Mexico)

Geothermal California

[September /October 2002 Bulletin]
California Claims the World's Highest Geothermal Power Output, With Potential for Even More Production With Advanced Techniques
by John Sass and Sue Priest, U.S. Geological Survey (Flagstaff, AZ)

Model for Success

[September/October 2002 Bulletin]
An Overview of Industry-Military Cooperation in the Development of Power Operations at the Coso Geothermal Field in Southern California
by Francis C. Monastero, Geothermal Programs Office, U.S. Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake

Gators in the Sage

[November/December 2001 Bulletin]
Leo Ray's Pioneering Work in Geothermal Aquaculture Has Successfully Established Alligators as a New Cash Crop for Idaho