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Advertising with the GRC

GRC Bulletin

Advertising in the bi-monthly GRC Bulletin means your product or service will be seen in the world's only publication that deals exclusively with technical topics, legislation, scientific inquiry, special events and educational topics related to the geothermal industry. The GRC Bulletin reaches nearly 1,400 geothermal professionals six times per year.

Bulletin Advertising Rate Sheet & Agreement Form (PDF)

Bulletin Advertising Ad Sizes (PDF)

GRC Roster/Registry of Geothermal Services & Equipment

The GRC Membership Roster and Registry of Geothermal Services & Equipment is available to GRC members. The Roster portion of the publication includes complete, cross-referenced listings of GRC membership, including geothermal companies, allied associations, government agencies, and research institutions. The Registry portion offers the "Yellow Pages" for the worldwide geothermal industry. Picture your company in a display ad, and listed with a description of your products and services.

The GRC Yellow Pages are available as a PDF, garnering thousands of "hits" per month with direct links to advertiser web sites.

Membership Roster & Registry 2017 Advertising Rate Sheet & Agreement (PDF)

Membership Roster & Registry 2017 Listing in Yellow Pages (PDF)

For more information on Contracts, Placements and Prices contact: Anh Lay