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Support The Geothermal Industry By Joining
The Geothermal Resources Council Policy Committee

The Geothermal Resources Council Policy Committee (GRC PC) encompasses the policy‐related activities of the former Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), which merged with GRC earlier in 2018 to enable the geothermal industry to speak with one voice.

  • Are you a former GEA member who wants to continue to benefit from up‐to‐date information and analyses about policies and issues that impact the geothermal industry?
  • Are you a GRC member who wants to understand and help influence State and Federal geothermal‐related policy issues?

If your answer to either question above is YES, now is the time to take the opportunity to position yourself among the most proactive geothermal companies, developers, scientists and engineers in the industry.

Joining the GRC PC is a cost‐effective way for you and your company to stay on top of policies and other issues that are critically important to the geothermal industry.

With conference calls, in‐person meetings and the implementation of activities to promote geothermal development, the GRC PC provides a unique opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of policy issues that affect geothermal development and growth and ensure that your priorities are considered. By joining the GRC PC, you will benefit from work by lobbying firms that are already engaged by several major US geothermal developers, who have generously agreed to share the results and analyses with GRC PC members.

Specific priorities and initiatives for 2019 include:

  • A Policy Priorities Roadmap will be assembled;
  • An Annual Geothermal Power Production Report will be commissioned;
  • An Annual Policy Forum will be held in Washington DC in May 2019;
  • Professional Advocate/Lobbyist Networks will be set up at Federal and State levels, and;
  • A Roster of PC Members and Advocates will be distributed.

Are you ready to help promote geothermal energy while saving time and money by supporting the GRC Policy Committee?

Policy Committee Levels 

(fees are in addition to GRC membership fees):

    • Individual/Student/Faculty $100 - PC Individual Members will be included on the PC mailing list to be kept appraised of activities as well as receive an invitation to participate on PC meetings held every other month (by conference call or in person). (available only to GRC members)
    • Corporate Level $1,000 - PC Corporate Members will be included on the PC mailing list to be kept appraised of activities as well as receive an invitation to participate on PC meetings and vote on annual policy strategy. (available only to GRC Corporate Level members)
    • Board Level $10,000 - PC Board Members will be included on the PC mailing list to be kept appraised of activities as well as receive an invitation to participate on PC meetings. Board Level members will also receive one vote on PC specific actions such as policy decisions, letters, etc. (available only to GRC Supporting/Sustaining/Patron members) 

2018 GRC PC Focus

Chair of the Policy Committee: Paul Thomsen (Ormat Technologies, Inc.), email: pc-chair@geothermal.org.

Please note you must be a GRC member first to sign up for the Policy Committee. 

To sign up for a GRC membership please click here.

Latest News


March 13 - Appropriation Budget for Geothermal Technologies Office - Call for Action

Letters stating our budget requests for FY2020 were proliferated to House and Senate appropriations staffers by the GRC Policy Committee last week. Our requests are far more likely to be honored if individual member offices submit them too as part of their packages of requests. To that end, we ask that GRC members with relationships in Congressional offices share these with their Members of Congress or Members/Senators that represent locations where you have a major project presence.

Requests to Member offices are due by next Friday, March 15, but some office deadlines are a little earlier so ideally should get them as soon as possible.

If any members would like further information on how to help then please get in touch with us at icrawford@geothermal.org.


August 20 - GRC Policy Committee Announces Support for California AB 893

The GRC Policy Committee and the geothermal industry support a 2,000 MW geothermal carve-out provided that at least 500 MW be from new geothermal resources. More information.........

August 17 - GRC Policy Committee Announces Opposition to Nevada Ballot Question 3

The Geothermal Resources Council Policy Committee has voted unanimously to oppose Nevada Ballot Question 3, which, if passed, would direct the Nevada Legislature to “establish an open, competitive retail electric energy market” no later than July 1, 2023. More information.........

July 24 - GRC Policy Committee Update

Successful First Meeting of the GRC Policy Committee
The GRC recently unified with the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), the US trade association for commercial interests in geothermal electricity production, to strengthen our ability in advancing the science, education, and development of renewable geothermal energy resources.

The GRC Policy Committee has been set up as a separate part of the GRC, independently funded by interested organizations, to advocate on behalf of the geothermal community. It has successfully held its first meeting with a well-attended conference call that touched on some current legislative affairs affecting the industry.

The committee supported an op-ed in support of the Question 6 in Nevada which would increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in the Silver State to 50% by 2030.  The committee also began discussions on the Energy Choice initiative, which will be on the Nevada ballot in November, the many legislative bills swirling around the California legislature that could support geothermal and renewable development, and is reviewing a request to the US Department of the Interior to initiate a meaningful categorical exclusion (CX) for geothermal exploration drilling.