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In the Expo Hall - Tuscany Ballroom

  • Sunday, October 14 - 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Monday, October 15 - 12:00 - 5:00pm
  • Tuesday, October 16 - 9:00am - 6:00pm (Reception: 4pm - 6pm)
  • Wednesday, October 17 - 9:00am - 1:30pm

Session Chair:  Roland Horne

Distributed Geothermal & Where Can It Be Implemented

  • Development of a Low Temperature, Low Flow Hot Spring for Technology Demonstration in eastern Surprise Valley, Cedarville, CA (Lisa Safford Kuscu et al.)
  • Field Hopping: Modular Turbine Experience from Central America (William Harvey et al.)*
  • Organic Rankine Cycle technology as a viable solution for distributed geothermal power generation on small islands and remote areas: The Pico Alto case study (Claudio Spadacini et al.)*

Earth Modeling of Geothermal Systems

  • Comparing GPS-constrained forward and inverse models of volume change at The Geysers, CA (Rachel Terry et al.)*


  • Experimental Study of Thermal-Crack Characteristics on Hot Dry Rock Impacted by Liquid Nitrogen Jet (Shikun Zhang et al.)


  • Geologic Model of the EGS Collab Testbed at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota (Ghanashyam Neupane et al.)*

Environmental and Community Engagement

  • Investigation on social acceptance of the geothermal energy utilization in China (Hejuan Liu et al.)

Exploration and Resource Assessment

  • The Relationship Between Geothermal Fluid Flow and Geologic Context: A Global Review (Irene Wallis et al.)*
  • Update of Heat Flow Data in the Geothermal Areas of Tuscany, Italy (Stefano Bellani)

FORGE Research

  • Geologic Setting of the Utah FORGE Site Based on New and Revised Geologic Mapping (Stefan Kirby et al.)


  • Comparison of a Portable Field Spectrometer and Automated Imaging on Geothermal Drill Core: A Pilot Study (Kurt Kraal et al.)


  • Geophysical Investigations of a Blind Geothermal System in Southern Gabbs Valley, Nevada (Tait Earney et al.)*
  • Least-squares reverse-time migration of walkaway VSP data from the Raft River geothermal field (Benxin Chi)

Geothermal Production From Oil & Gas Fields

  • A Design of Downhole Thermoelectric Generation for Horizontal Oil Wells (Kai Wang et al.)*
  • Investigation on Well Integrity During Geothermal Production from High Temperature Oil Wells (Fei Yin et al.)

GRC Student Committee

  • A numerical study of Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers efficiency in unconventional geothermal systems (Theo Renaud)
  • Electricity Generation of Coproduced Water From Active Oil Wells in Eagle Ford Shale, Karnes and Gonzalez County, Texas (Garen Thomas)
  • Tracking the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Depocenters in the Portland, OR ( Darby Scanion)

GRC Student Scholarship Winners

  • Social Perception of Geothermal Energy and It's Possible Use in Colombia (Estefania Ramirez et al.)
  • Using Geothermal Resources To Increase Utilization of Wind Energy Technologies and Transmission Infrastructure (Jonathan D. Ogland-Hand  et al.)

 New Technology

  • Advanced Long-Term Flow Monitoring Solution for High Temperature Geothermal Wells (Matt Francis et al.)*
  • Earth to air heat exchanger temperature potential for a Colombian climate. (Sergio Pennaloza et al.)

Power Generation

  • Potential Benefits and Opportunities for Load Following Geothermal Power Plants in California (Kevin Hernandez et al.)

Reservoir Engineering, Field Operations and Management

  • Improvement of Condensing Equipment in ORC Geothermal Power Generation System (Dawei Guo)

Spanish Posters

  • Aplicación de técnicas de procesamiento digital de imágenes de satélites de observación terrestre en la estimación de modelos de temperatura superficial como apoyo a la exploración geotérmica en Colombia (J. Camilo Matiz-León et al.)
  • Aplicativo para consulta pública de la información de manantiales termales de Colombia (Claudia Alfaro et al.)
  • Creación de aplicativo para la reducción de datos de gravimetría y magnetometría terrestre (Jhon Galindo)
  • Estándar Cartográfico para información geotérmica del Servicio Geológico Colombiano - SGC (J. Camilo Matiz-León)
  • Exploración Geotérmica en los Andes Colombianos. Caso de estudio: Área Geotérmica de San Diego, Colombia. (Jesús Rueda et al.)
  • Modelo conceptual del sistema geotérmico de Paipa, Boyacá (Colombia) (Claudia Alfaro et al)

Superhot Geothermal Systems

  • Laboratory measurements on electric and elastic properties of fractured geothermal reservoir rocks under simulated EGS conditions (Kazuki Sawayama et al.)
  • Numerical Simulation of Effects of Multilateral Wells on Thermal Characteristics of a Fractured EGS Based on a Thermal-hydraulic-mechanical Coupling Model (Yu Shi et al.)

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